AirBagInYourHead is a multi-talent design collective from Singapore. Besides having more than ten years experience in interior design, The Collective has had broad knowledge and exposure in graphics, product, exhibition design and branding consultation.


In a place where everything is constantly evolving, AirBagInYourHead believes it is important to challenge the creative mind and push design boundaries to produce high quality designs, timeless concepts and styles.


AirBagInYourHead draws inspiration from a lot of what surrounds them; from the heart of their homes and the taste of local coffee to current trends and past histories. Music, fashion, films, a walk, lunch, a trip to the barber, people and their stories, even a scratch. The Collective constantly keeps their eyes open for things that may spark an idea for a remarkable design.
Through their wide array of experiences, The Collective has learned and discovered new styles, new tastes, new techniques as well as new ways and mediums of execution and expression. Yet there is never enough to learn to create a good and quality design. AirBagInYourHead eats, sleeps and breathes the art of design, possesses skills and the passion to physically recreate imageries in the mind, to visually express imaginations while finding a balance between aesthetics and functionality. They strives to produce exceptional and stimulating designs.’